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Citizens of Easy World are very enthusiastic! Read what some of them are saying about their experience of Easy World and the magic they’ve found by using the Easy World mantra, "I live in Easy World where everything is easy.”

"The best thing about living in Easy World is that when I wake up each morning I am so full of energy, and raring to go and start another amazing day.  Wow—it's great living in Easy World! I am so lucky!"

Donna Allan, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


"Oh My! This is so wonderful. Things have gotten so easy for me, Julia.  I want to thank you so much...Living in easy world has made my life phenomenal, and well . . . so easy."

Terri Mares, Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA  


"It is amazing. I just feel home thinking of Easy World! Things are just easier than I ever thought possible. Foryears I had things that I wanted to achieve and now it's like I stepped out of my own way completely and back into my power and life is flowing and everything I had intended is all coming right back to me in the way I intended! I love it!"

Sandy Lee Jones, Sydney, Australia    


"There are so many tools and methods available for changing your life and changing your reality, but many of these just seem to make things more complicated.  Easy World keeps me focused on one of the most important aspects of life; it's supposed to be easy."

Ben Kelson, Lino Lakes, Minnesota, USA

"What a truly special mantra and universal truth "I live in easy world" is. I find I breathe deeper and a real sense of peace and gratitude washes over me. Now how easy is that?!!!!!!!"

—Bob Rush, Marshall, Virginia, USA


"I walk around all day long telling myself "I live in Easy World" and saying it makes me feel so much better. A peace comes over me, a feeling that everything will be okay..."

—Jennifer Underwood, Portland, Oregon, USA


 “I can't praise you enough for bringing us this divine key to the parallel universe of EASY WORLD. I just affirm that I live in Easy World, and everything changes. It is like I put on some magic golden glasses and everything glows and radiates Love and peace, from me and to me.” 

—Jean Laramore, Tallahassee, Florida, USA


"I've noticed that the light is brighter than usual and the colors more powerful than ever since I live in Easy World."

—Stelios, Germany


"It is so much fun in Easy World. I have made it a point to surrender and let everything be easy and the minute I start questioning, stressing or worrying, I catch myself and remind myself that I live in Easy World and it all just falls into place. Easy money, easy driving, easy flow, things just keep falling blissfully into place. Serendipitous meetings in unexpected ways to meet exactly what and who I am need of at the time. I am blowing kisses out to the universe in thanks right now as I type."

—Suze Baez, Long Beach, California, USA


"Living in Easy World has been very rewarding. When I remind my self where I am, it actually raises my vibes and I then meet the people I'm supposed to meet as well as I have loads of energy at the end of the day... Love, love this place."

Parise Ouellette, Limoges, Ontario, Canada


"This is brilliant! One of my favorite mantras is "How EASY Can I Stand It?" So I can't think of a more perfect place to live than in Easy World!"

Eva Gregory, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA   


"Now that I live in Easy World, I have been able to let go of and forgive the past much more easily. Now when those memories come up I say to myself, "Oh, that was when I was living in Difficult World. I live in Easy World now, so all of that is over. In fact, none of those things can even happen in my new, easy world. I attract kind, loving and gentle people and situations now."

—Lisa Martin, Denver, Colorado, USA


"The more people who move home to Easy World, the bigger the perpetual wave of happiness and love grows. Eventually there will be so many people and the wave so big there will be no other choice than Easy World. I love riding the wave! I am Easy World. And so are you."

—Leon Daymon, Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia


"I've toured Easy World many times but could never imagine ME living here. NOW I KNOW the keys are in my hand and all I need to do is open the door! It's so wonderfully easy!!! I will tell others about this place and remind them that when they are ready to move in a key will be waiting for them also. How easy."

—Christina Ross, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Funny how a simple little thing like "I live in Easy World" can change your whole outlook. I mean really...it doesn't get much easier!"

Kim Jenkins, Corona, California, USA


“I want to thank you for bringing Easy World into my life.  It is pure magic.  It brings relief immediately, something I have been searching for a very long time.  Living in Easy World makes my being feel lighter.”

—Lisa, New Jersey, USA


"Easy World is the place to be and I intend to stay here FOREVER."

—Nathaly Dufour, Saint-Nicolas, Québec, Canada

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