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The Law of Easy World

There's only one law in Easy World:

Worry, strife and struggle are prohibited.

The punishment for violating the law is immediate—and I do mean immediate: Ejection from Easy World

This law is self-enforced—only you can eject yourself. No one else has that power.

Happily, you also get to decide the length of yourown sentence. Re-entry to Easy World is automatic when you let go of worry, strife, and struggle, and simply allow things to be easy, the way they were designed to be.

Easy World is a parallel reality that is always instantly accessible, no matter how long you've been away from it.

As an aid to returning to Easy World when you find you’ve evicted yourself, take a deep breath, release it, along with any tension you've been holding, and say, "I live in Easy World, where everything is easy."



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