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"Choosing Easy World invites us to enter a new paradigm, where suffering and struggle are not possible and joy abounds. If this is the world you long for, this is the guide to get you there. You'll love it."

Sonia Choquette, New York Times Best Selling Author of
The Answer is Simple...Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit!

Choosing Easy World, the official guide to Easy World

Best LOA Book 2014


Published by St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-57480-2

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Read an excerpt from Choosing Easy World and download a free Easy World Mini-Poster.

Contrary to what we've believed, life does not have to be hard. And it was never intended to be! Choosing Easy World explores the concept that there is a parallel reality we can access where everything works out effortlessly, harmoniously, and in support of our highest possibilities for well-being.

As its title implies, Choosing Easy World reveals that the key to being in this reality—in "Easy World"—is as simple and easy as choosing to be. Woven through with powerful personal stories of opting into Easy World with remarkable results, Choosing Easy World provides readers with inspiration, instructions, and support for doing so themselves.

What your favorite authors and teachers say about Choosing Easy World

"Julia is right, there is an Easy World! And with this wonderful book filled with insights and examples, she will help you find it."

Mike Dooley, Best Selling author of Infinite Possibilities and creator of Notes from the Universe

“Don’t be fooled by this book’s simplicity: therein lies its power and magic! Choosing Easy World is transformational. It is an invitation to a new paradigm for living.”

Marci Shimoff, # 1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Thanks to Julia Rogers Hamrick, easeful living now has a guidebook. Her message is one that all of us need to know: we're only a breath away from letting our lives unfold effortlessly. I particularly enjoyed Julia's voice in the book—warm, friendly and clear—a breath of fresh air."

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. Author of The Big Leap,
co-author (with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks) of Conscious Loving

"I've said for years now there is an escalator through life. Choosing Easy World reveals where it is. I love this book! It's powerful and it's going to change lives."

Dr. Joe Vitale, author
The Attractor Factor
and many more

"Julia's simple, clear way of explaining the universal truth about the flow of abundance in our world will be an eye-opener for many who've wondered if there were an easier path in life. Her message is an anchor of safety whenever we become adrift in fear and the seeming hardship of life. We truly do live in Easy World, as Julia has had the incredible perception to see."

Summer McStravick, author of Flowdreaming

"Allow Julia Rogers Hamrick to show you the way to a free-flowing world filled with abundance, joy, well-being and love, and you will be amazed at how easy it really is! Whatever you are doing right now, put it aside and immerse yourself in the brilliance of your new Easy World."

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch

"This little gem of a book will move you right out of 'Difficult World' and into the wonderful realm of 'Easy World' where we all belong. Breathe, relax, and enjoy your way to the place where everything works out easily and effortlessly. There's no place like Easy World!"

Chellie Campbell, author The Wealthy Spirit
and Zero to Zillionaire

"Choosing Easy World reminds us to create the world we wish to live in by letting go of control and opening up to the Divine Good which is ever present around us. Julia Rogers Hamrick's joy for life jumps off the pages and lands soundly in your heart."

Kala Ambrose, host of The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show and author of 9 Life Altering Lessons:
Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled.

"Choosing Easy World is an amazing book designed for anyone wishing to learn the true wisdom of life: it will teach you how to emerge from challenges and discover the easy world we were all granted, but sometimes neglect. It helps one unlock the potential for a resilient life and rejoice in everyday miracles."

Dr. Carmen Harra, author of
The Eleven Eternal Principles

"Choosing Easy World is a 'must read'! In it, Julia Rogers Hamrick provides a refreshing perspective on how each and every one of us can create an Easy World to live in no matter what. I love this book!"

Eva Gregory, author of The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity and co-author of
Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction

"Absolutely awesome! Julia's writing gripped me from the first sentence. Choosing Easy World is a masterpiece with highly original concepts, answers and solutions. I recommend this gem to everyone. You will be thankful you read it—it will change your life."

Barbara Rose, Ph.D., Bestselling author of
If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!

"I love Choosing Easy World! This is a remarkable book—easy to understand, simple, uplifting and entertaining to read. Life is indeed simple, easy, fun and productive in Easy World. It's the only smart way to live! Thank you, Julia, for gifting us with the golden key to the door into Easy World. I choose to live in Easy World!"

Venus Andrecht, author, radio host 

"A must read for anyone who’s ready to give up doing life the hard way and start living in Easy World! Julia Rogers Hamrick gives us the keys to unlock the door so we may step into this world effortlessly. Choosing Easy World is full of inspiration, spiritual wisdom and practical tools guiding you toward a greater awakening for a life filled with peace, joy and ease!"

Linda Salazar, author of Awaken The Genie Within

“There’s a little magic hidden in the pages of this book. Once a reader begins it, no matter how cynical they may be, the words “I Choose Easy World” keep slipping into their consciousness. Immediately, miracles start happening. I read this book on a busy day when I had an overwhelming list of things to do. By the end of the day, I was a firm believer in the magic of Easy World and of Julia Hamrick’s user-friendly formula for accessing it.”

Sue Frederick, Author of I See Your Dream Job:
A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover
What You Were Put on Earth to Do

"For those who feel you must fight to attain, Julia Rogers Hamrick's paradigm shifting new book, Choosing Easy World, brings a radical simplicity, grace, and joy to everyday "reality". It is the option to exist in the world of your choosing, offering the choice to live in grace. Take a deep breath, open your heart, and decide to live the life of ease...by Choosing Easy World."

Nancy Lee, spiritual intuitive psychotherapist, author, radio host, and president of SPRE,
the society for psi research and education.

"This masterpiece really is the quintessential guide to a life of one's dreams.This isn't just another Law of Attraction book that is rehashing the same thing. Other L.O.A. books talk about raising ones' vibration, but don't give easily applicable steps to do it. Choosing Easy World provides step-by-step, easy-to-understand concepts and easy-to-apply action steps to truly find a life of joy, love, prosperity and dare I say bliss. Who doesn't want an Easy World life? Outstanding!"

Suze Baez, international speaker, coach, and philosopher


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